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Something Greater

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This Lent you are invited into a Lenten preaching series entitled “Something Greater.”  Jesus voiced his disappointment (Matthew 12:41) over people’s seeming indifference towards him unless he performed a sign for them.  He reveals that peoples of the past had changed their lives over the message of men far less then Himself.  Above Jonah and Solomon and any other messenger of God, in Jesus there is “Something Greater” for all of us to encounter and give our life to.

Please invite family and friends to on this journey to encounter Something Greater.

Week One
In the preaching series we will begin the first week looking at the desert of Lent as a place to Encountering God our Creator. We will explore awe filled reality of being a creature and dependent on a Creator.

Week Two
we will look at a God who is For Us and our only fitting response is gratitude.  We will look at everything as gift from God.  There will also surface the possibility of ingratitude as a response and the tension this causes

Week Three
We will look at our Thirst for more in life and the disappointing ache that a life of being self-sufficient creates with our unquenched thirsts.  Superficial remedies cannot satisfy the heart. 

Week Four
Week four will look at Resignation and what a life looks like of numbing thirst and accepting that as “the best we can get.” 

Week Five
Week five will address how we are all Bound with Christ.  All we are left with is our own grasping. 

Week Six
Finally, we look at Jesus who is the only one who can rescue us from our self-made aloneness.  He offers relationship that we can’t grasp at but can only surrender to.

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