Sacred Heart’s intention is that every parishioner is involved in at least one Service Team. This is how the parish ensures that we are not only forming disciples, but missionary disciples. Rather than asking for warm bodies to fill volunteer slots, we desire to facilitate people serving in ways that align with their natural and spiritual gifts. 


Gift Assessment Retreat

Our Gift Assessment Retreat is our primary mechanism for discerning someone’s spiritual gifts. These retreats happen twice a year and focus on the 24 charisms of the Holy Spirit, articulated by the Called and Gifted program. While all in the parish are invited to these retreats, we primarily encourage those in long-term groups to participate in this process, as it serves to be the best transition piece between step 2 and step 3 in our Blueprint for making disciples. Upon completion of this retreat, our Gift Assessment Team will follow up with individual interviews to help further the discernment of one’s results from their Gift Assessment inventory and to connect them with a specific Service Team in the parish.

Service Teams

Core Teams

Each of our Core Teams are geared toward certain aspects of leadership within our parish mission. Examples of these teams include Team Alpha, Gift Assessment, Family Faith Formation, Vacation Bible School, Edge, Life Teen, Pastoral Council, and Finance Council.  

Sacramental Prep Teams

Each of our Sacramental Prep Teams are focused on the preparation and formation for individuals receiving sacraments. Examples of these teams include Baptism, 1st Communion, Teen Confirmation, RCIA, Adult Confirmation, Marriage Prep, Wedding Coordinators.

Worship Teams

Each of our Worship Teams play an integral role in our liturgies throughout the year. Examples of these teams include Choir, Praise & Worship, Prayer Team, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, and Lectors. 

Hospitality Teams

Each of our Hospitality Teams seek to provide radical hospitality at all of our parish events. Examples of these teams include Ushers, Greeters, Décor, Nursery, Ladies Altar Society, and Helping Hands.

Media Teams

Each of our Media Teams help us to bridge the gap between faith and technology, allowing us to communicate the gospel to a technological generation. Examples of these teams include Social Media, AV/Tech Support, Production, and Marketing. 

Outreach Teams

Each of our Outreach Teams are committed to social charity throughout our Broussard community. Examples of these teams include Homebound, Nursing Home, Christian Charities, Broussard Fair, Knights of Columbus, and Ladies Auxiliary.

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