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Return to Nazareth


Return to Nazareth

As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.
— John Paul II

The words “Holy Family” can conjure up so many different ideas and emotions for so many people.  How can these two words be connected?  Holiness can have such an abstract connotation.  A family looks so different today for people who have grown up in broken or single parent homes.  How can we come together as people who need a safe and secure place to rest, grow, and heal from collected wounds and lies accumulated over our life experience? 

This Advent we will return to Nazareth and explore Jesus' ministry life and the common ground that all of us share: Jesus’ family.  Jesus’ family is our family, and we are invited to receive the mothering of Mary and the fathering of Joseph.  Pope Paul VI once said “How I would like to return to my childhood and attend the simple yet profound school that is Nazareth! How wonderful to be close to Mary, learning again the lesson of the true meaning of life, learning again God’s truths.”  

This Advent our preaching series will look at the Holy Family, and learn from the witness of Mary and Joseph.  We will explore what this school that raised Jesus can teach us.  

God, our father, was truly reconciling the world to himself in Jesus.  He was healing and restoring all things, making them new.  He starts this process in a family, born of a mother, given a father.  Come hear and share the message of how a Holy Family can invite us into becoming a Holy Family.

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Advent Series

If there is any time of the year that brings together families; it is most definitely the holidays. As the weather cools down (we hope) the air seems to be filled with an air of reunion and excitement. As we journey into this season of Advent, we are taking time to focus on the family. 

The First Week of Advent
The first week of our “Return to Nazareth” preaching series will focus on God’s intent for the creation of the family unit. Why a family? What is its purpose? We have prayed and discerned about a message that will both challenge and bring hope to your family.

The Second Week of Advent
The second week will focus on the role of the father and the household. We will look at Joseph and the example that he gives us through the scriptures. How can an imperfect man raise the Son of God?

The Third Week
The third week will focus on the virtue and apostolate of motherhood. As we look through the eyes of the Blessed Mother, what can mothers learn about the Holy Family?

The Fourth Week of Advent
The fourth week will focus on what it means to create a home that teaches people to fall in love with Jesus. We will get a glimpse into what it means to have a home that fosters love and discipleship.

Seeking Holiness in Family Life

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As our parish Returns to Nazareth and reflects on the Holy Family  an additional resource on the topic is a series of talks titled Seeking Holiness in Family Life, by Dr. Brant Pitre. 

Dr. Brandt Pitre reviews what holiness looks like in family life and asks the questions is it really possible for a father, a mother, or children to be saints in the home? What does the Bible say?  In this important new series, Dr. Brant Pitre explores ‘seven pillars’ of Christian family life:  

(1) Openness to Life
(2) Holy Mass and Sunday Rest
(3) Family Prayer
(4) Sacred Scripture
(5) Daily Work
(6) Forgiveness and Reconciliation
(7) Redemptive Suffering