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Reboot Homily Series

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Technology is great, until it isn’t. These wonderful devices that fit in our hands, our laps, and our desktops are capable of increasing our productivity, our communication and connection with the world. These machines can also be infuriating. 

“Why doesn’t this work like it’s supposed to?”
“It used to be so fast when I first bought it. What happened?”
“All of my important memories were on that disk! It’s all gone!”

When we ask our friends and our children for help, they all respond with the same question: did you turn it off and turn it back on? Sometimes it actually works. When we look at the world, our local community, and especially the Church, don’t we get the same feeling? Things aren’t working the way they used to work. We seem to have lost our operating system and we aren’t “running right.” Sometimes we just need to restore the original settings. In this next preaching series, entitled Reboot, we will take an honest look at the current state of the Church; where we are and where we are headed as a community. We’re not starting over. We’re restoring the mission.

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Fr. Michael Delcambre

Fr. Kyle White

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