Sacred Heart of Jesus

Pray - Encounter

Praying into Encounter

Day One: Exodus 2:1-10
“I have come down to rescue them” God takes the initiative first always. Often, we think the pressure is on us to initiate an encounter with God, yet God is always making the first move and our response is always to his promptings. Notice how God hears Israel’s need and comes to their aid. How might this give us hope in our need? 

Day Two: Isaiah 7:10-16
“Ask for a sign”  Man’s response to an encounter with God can often be filled with doubt and skepticism. Is this really God or just my imagination? God wants us to believe in him. He is not bashful in reinforcing his desire to be known. Notice how he speaks to Ahaz encouraging him to ask for a sign to encourage his faith. How might God’s prompting to Ahaz encourage us to ask the Lord for a sign that he is real and with us? 

Day Three: Luke 5:1-11
“Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man.”  Often we can push the approaching God away because we are so busy building an argument from our past sins and behaviors as to why God shouldn’t approach us. “But I have done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of.”  Notice how Peter responds to Jesus when he realizes who he is in the presence of. How might you respond the same way and how might we learn from Jesus’ response to Peter? 

Day Four: Matthew:9:9-13
“I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.” We can often block off God because we have built an argument from our past sins and behaviors as to why God shouldn’t approach us. Notice how Jesus approaches Matthew at his customs posts. 

Day Five: Jeremiah 29:10-15
“I know well the plans I have for you...” God’s plans for our life is a future full of hope.  He wants to share these plans with us.  He wants to be a part of the plan with us. How might these words encourage us to seek and ask the Lord to come to us and reveal the plans he has for us?

Day Six: Matthew 1:18-25
“ not be afraid...” was the words of the angel as God came to Joseph in his confusion and fear of what might be happening.  God came to Him and came to him in his deepest need.  What fears or deep confusions about our life might you need God to come and speak into?

Day Seven: Genesis 32: 23-31
“I feel like I would only be wrestling with God if he came.” We may have a lot to hash out with God. Maybe our life is not what we thought it would be or hoped it would be. Perhaps it is filled with hurt and confusion. Maybe the only thing we would want to do is wrestle with God. That’s okay. Can we invite God into a wrestling match?