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Parish Life Cycle

The Parish Life Cycle

We all need help in life. Direction helps to orient ourselves just like a road map helps the traveler get to the desired destination. A life lived without vision, without direction, without a sense of purpose, never gains traction. Many of us know this and have spent time developing a vision for our life. However, most of us know that even with a vision, much like a traveler, if we don’t have the necessary tools, a compass, a map, and nourishment for the journey, we will get tired and lost. 

The Parish Life Cycle
The world around us seems to move in cycles. The seasons of the earth, the seasons of the church, and the seasons of our lives ebb and flow. Our desire as a parish is to live a life as disciples in a cycle that leads us to a deeper relationship with Jesus. We all want to experience Jesus on a personal level. The truth is, He wants to be more than someone we report to, He wants to be in relationship with us.

We have developed a plan, a process, but more importantly, a cycle that will bring each of us closer to a life with Christ. This process is intentional. We call it the Parish Life Cycle. It’s not an abbreviated 12-step program or the work of self-help manuals, it’s a way to tap into the heart of Jesus. This Parish Life Cycle is meant to aid all to achieve the goal of Heaven and relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants our faith to be a participation in His life, faith is not a spectator sport. Are you willing to dive deeper to see what life could hold?

This is an invitation to stir the desire in our hearts for more and to receive the desire in God’s heart to give us more.
— Fr. Michael Delcambre

We will go from searching to encountering Jesus, from that encounter to a heart-filled desire to truly have our hearts changed by a real conversion to Jesus. This change will bring us to a deeper place of spiritual growth as individuals and as a community. This growth will allow us to enter a deeper sense of the missionary mandate of the church. As we embrace our call to be disciples, our faith will call those who search for Jesus to draw near.

Sacred Heart of Jesus’ Parish Life Cycle is rooted deep in the Tradition of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and the lives of the saints. While the organization of the Parish Life Cycle could be considered new, none of the ideas presented in the Cycle are new. While the Parish Life Cycle is for the parish, it certainly isn’t the only way to have a relationship with Jesus and should be treated as an aid for clarity along the journey to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Parish Life Cycle Phases

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What is the Parish Life Cycle?
It's a dynamic cycle of a growing relationship with Jesus.

Why is it important?
Because we are all created to have a life with Jesus.

How will this help me?
This cycle will guide you into a deeper relationship with Jesus

What will the Parish Life Cycle offer?

1. Provides a process to move from a formal knowledge of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

2. Facilitates an encounter with Christ in your heart.

3. Cultivates a movement in your heart that goes from knowing about a person to knowing the person.


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