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Next Weekend’s Presider Mass Schedule
Saturday 7/21 5:00pm: Fr. Delcambre
Sunday 7/22 7:00am, 9:00am, 11:00am: Fr. White
Sunday 7/22 5:00pm:  Fr. Delcambre

Recent Baptisms
Collin Jane McCauley
Sophia Anne Saxton
Ethan Thomas Duhon

Recent Weddings
Kevin Angevine  and Nicole LeBlanc

The offertory for this past weekend will be posted in next week’s bulletin.

Our next second collection is August 5 and will be for the Building and Maintenance fund. 

You are invited to attend a welcome reception this weekend in honor of Fr. White on July 15 after the 9:00am Mass in the Parish Life Center.

Broussard Fair: November 17th and 18th

St. Cecilia, we need your help! Confetti Egg Booth: Start saving your eggshells to help support our favorite booth! At the beginning of the school year, turn in dates will be decided.

Confetti Egg Cleaning: 1. Take out a quarter size hole at the top of the egg to empty contents. 2. Wash with soap and water; rinse throughly. 3. Let dry 4. Put dry eggs back in carton. 5. Write your child’s name and homeroom teacher on carton.

Contact Nikki Lahay with questions: 337-278-0296.

This weekend’s altar flowers were donated by Suzy & Nick Gachassin in memory of Alvin Broussard