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Parish Council Applications


Parish Council Applicants


Alicia McDuffie

Reason 1: I felt a calling to serve my parish in this capacity and discerned that calling before The Most Blessed Sacrament. Filling out this application was the next step.

Reason 2: Charles and I have been a faithful parishioners of Sacred Heart of Jesus for over 16 years. Serving our parish for over 10 years as the Eucharistic Minister Coordinator, provided me the opportunity to connect with many families. I am also very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as a parent advisor on the St. Cecilia Advisory Council. Other opportunities that have enriched my love for this community have been serving as a Eucharistic minister, wedding coordinator, 9th grade CCD teacher and Confirmation teacher.

Reason 3: I would like to contribute to our parish to keep our Catholic faith alive and to assist in drawing others to what we know is the truth. I would also like to provide an example to my children of service so that they may witness the joy that comes from faithfully serving others.
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Tre’ Guidry

Reason 1: Tre’ offers a unique perspective in being only 18 years old. He relates to the youth and in being one of them can better bring their needs to the pastor’s attention.

Reason 2: Tre’ is discerning the priesthood and being on the Parish Council will offer him a great insight on the life and duties of the priest.

Reason 3: Tre’ only wants to serve the Church and his qualifications will greatly benefit the parish. He is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, a current Core Member for a Lifeteen program in Richard, and had helped the parish in a Lenten mission in the past. As he has led those in the parish in the past, he can do so even more effecaciois as a member on the Council.

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Ross Stevens

Reason 1: I feel I would best serve in this capacity because first and foremost I love my church and my Lord. I was in Law Enforcement for approximately 12 years (8 of them here in Broussard). The last few years there I served in an administrative capacity (second in command) so I gained vast knowledge in what it took to be an administrative leader. Due to my wife and I’s work schedule conflicting with my on call status I had to leave the profession I loved but I truly believe it is all part of God’s plan. I helped manage an annual budget of approximately 2.5 million dollars and was also entrusted with making difficult day to day decisions. My family and I are involved in the Sacred Heart Parish. I have 2 boys, 6 and 9 years old, who attend St Cecilia and a 3 year old daughter who will start there next year. I am an active member and a past officer in the parish’s Knights of Columbus council. Lastly, I am currently in an outside sales position for a local oilfield tooling company which allows me to have leniency with my schedule. We live in and love the city of Broussard.

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Greg Theriot

Reason 1: Has been a parishioner of Sacred Heart of Jesus for over the past 25 years and attends mass on a regular basis each week and on Holy Days Of Obligation. He also serves as a Eucharistic Minister and Sacriston for the Sunday Mass at 5 P. M.

Reason 2: He has served as a Law-Enforcement Officer for over 40-years and is a retired Louisiana State Trooper. He started his law enforcement carrier in September 1974 when he was Honorably Discharged from the U. S. Army. He has received several awards from law enforcement and various associations during his career.

Reason 3: He is one of the past Grand Knights of Council #7557 and a past officer in the 4th Degree. He is a Sir Knight of the Broussard Council. During his reign as Grand Knight his council was awarded 1st place by the State Council. This was the first time Council 7557 was awarded this honor.
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Olivia Miller

Reason 1: I have been a parishioner at Sacred Heart since I was born. My family has instilled in me the importance of having a parish and serving that parish. I have seen the ups and downs of our parish from the lens of a child, teenager, and now young adult, and feel that I can help our parish by using that lens to come up with ideas that could serve the young people of our parish. My faith is very important to me, and has been for a long time now, and I find that as I get older my generation gets more and more lost in the Church. I want to help to fix that, to bring the lost generation back to the Church so that there still is a Church when I am older and so that there are new young people for me to pass this beautiful faith we have back down to.

                                                                                 --end of response--

Lisa Morvant

Reason 1: I currently work as the manager of an emergency room as a Registered Nurse. In this role, I have grown in my knowledge and understanding of serving as a leader in a major corporate organization. As a manager, I am challenged daily with meeting the needs of my staff while also keeping at the center the patient who is our mission. I am experienced with a high stress environment and making difficult decisions. As a leader, I am a firm believer in servant leadership and teamwork.

Reason 2: I grew up as a cradle Catholic and was really involved in church throughout my life and through my teens in altar serving, youth group, choir, and as a Eucharistic minister. When I got married, there was an incident that occurred in which I made a decision to no longer practice as a Catholic. For four years, I attended church with my husband who is Baptist. A year ago, the Lord began putting a yearning on my heart to return home to my Catholic faith. A yearning that I did not initially respond to but thanks be to God, He is persistent. In that time of prayer and seeking, I encountered Jesus in a way that I never had in my life. I returned to the Catholic church in June of 2016 through the love and mercy of God in confession. Jesus did many amazing things in that time and restored things that I never thought could have been restored . Since coming home, I have an immense appreciation and love for the Eucharist. I have learned a great deal about my Catholic faith. More than this, I have experienced the personal love of Christ and I want to share that with others.

Reason 3: I am 27 years old. I have learned that it can be difficult to find community as a young adult Catholic. It’s a difficult transition in the years between confirmation and marriage. I have a great interest in small groups and would be willing to assist in the growth of this within our parish. I have a previous history with Christian small groups and have seen the impact it can have. I am excited about the Parish Life Cycle and would be willing to assist wherever necessary.

                                                                                --end of response--