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Encounters Make an Impact

Take a minute to think of two people that have significantly impacted your life. I think of my Grandfather often with this question. How did he affect my life? It was the time we would spend together fishing where he would share stories from his life with me; especially ones dealing with his time spent serving our country. As he told the stories, I felt like I was there. These times with Grandpaw shaped my life and who I am. They were true Encounters with a great man.

In our life, it’s important to spend time with the people whom we want to shape our lives. These Encounters will influence who we are and who we are becoming. At Sacred Heart our belief is that Jesus is the one person who we desire above all to shape our life. When we spend time with Him, listening to Him, share His stories and allowing Him to become part of our story, He inevitably will shape our life.  

One way that we have set up for our parish to Encounter Jesus is called “Encounter Nights.” These will happen three times in the Fall and three in the Spring.  They will include a time of Worship in Song to God, followed by a message about one aspect of Jesus’ life and a time of Eucharistic Adoration.  These nights are open to all and family’s are invited to share this time of Encounter together.  The more we spend time being with Jesus, the more we allow our heart to be converted to be more like Him which will render the fruits that we are truly seeking.

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Fr. Michael Delcambre