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Why Don't We Worship Mary?

Sometimes it might seem that Catholics, and especially Louisiana Catholics, worship Mary. After all, she is the Mother of God and entirely sinless. Why, then, does the Catechism strongly state that devotion to Mary should never be equal to Adoration of God? Mary’s identity is wholly wrapped up in her “Yes” to bearing the Son of God. Thus, we only ever honor Mary in our Adoration of God. However, we should also never undercut Mary’s importance in prayer to God. St. Louis de Montfort puts it beautifully, “We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor his Mother, and we honor her simply and solely to honor him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek – Jesus, her Son.” In other words, Mary is the most direct and perfect way to God. This is why prayers such as the rosary and Marian feasts such as the Assumptions are so important to our lives as Catholics. Maybe take some time this Sunday to pray a decade or two of the rosary, remembering and honoring Mary for her “Yes” to God’s Plan.