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Why is the Eucharist the “Summit” of the Christian Life?

Last weekend we covered why the Eucharist is the “source” of the Christian Life. This weekend we are covering why the Eucharist is the “summit” of the Christian Life. I think the language the Church uses here is really beautiful. “Summit” immediately evokes the feel of thin wind, the smell of cold mountain air, and the feeling of finally being where you set out to be. Fittingly, the celebration of the Eucharist (The Mass) is the highpoint of what we believe as Catholics; what everything else leads to. The rest of our Faith is important, of course, but the Eucharist is the greatest mystery we celebrate. Considering this, it’s important to remember that Mass isn’t separate from the rest of what we believe or from the rest of our lives. As the summit of our lives, we must bring everything we are to Mass. I challenge you, next time you are at Mass, to make an offering of your week. Bring yourself, your brudens, and your joys, to the summit.