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Why is the Eucharist the “source” of our Faith?

The Eucharist is a big deal in our faith. It’s such a big deal that the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls it the “source and summit of the Christian Life.” But what does that mean? To be the source of something means to be the life-giver, or the start of something. In the most basic sense, the Eucharist gives life to every aspect of our Faith and our lives. It’s one of the reasons why we call the Eucharist our “daily bread”-- it gives us the nourishment we need to live every day for Him. The Eucharist is also the central mystery from which every belief of our Catholic Faith flows. Without the Eucharist, the Catholic Faith is hollow, meaningless, and lifeless. The reality of the Eucharist is the reality of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice on the Cross for us. I challenge you, the next time you receive Him in Communion, to think consciously of the life that has been given to you though His sacrifice.“