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Why Be Catholic?

Catholicism seems insane. We profess to consume the body and blood of the God that we worship, we proclaim that a carpenter from Nazareth is the Son of God, and that a priest, standing in for Christ (in persona Christi), can forgive our sins. Why, then, would someone ever want to be Catholic? There can be a lot of entrances into the faith, none of which are bad. Many people enter into the Catholic Faith through marriage, others through searching for a stable and supportive community, others because they’ve been Catholic from birth and it’s “just what you do.” But more than just a community or an empty ritual, the Catholic Faith is ultimately the only way to Salvation, to true relationship with Jesus Christ. Obviously, that’s a very shallow and unhelpful answer to a question that requires a far more thorough answer. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in a blogspace in a weekly bulletin to fully flush out the question: Why Be Catholic? Lucky for you, Sacred Heart will be hosting a Formation Night this Tuesday night, July 16, at 6:30 during which we will take a deep dive into why someone would ever want to be Catholic, and why people are leaving the Faith.