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Why do we celebrate Ordinary Time?

The Church just finished celebrating 50 days of Easter. Before that, we were in the 40 penitential days of Lent. It would seem that now we’re in no particular time at all, that we’re simply wasting our time until the next “real” liturgical season, Advent, rolls around. In fact, the season is even called “Ordinary.” However, as opposed to just being a boring time of waiting, Ordinary Time is instituted by the Church as a time of growth and development in relationship with Jesus Christ. While other seasons, like Easter and Lent, are for the remembrance and celebration of a certain time or aspect in the life of Christ, Ordinary Time is a time dedicated to entering into the entirety of Jesus’s life. This is why we hear Jesus’s “Sermon on the Mount” for several weeks during this season. Why do we celebrate Ordinary Time? We celebrate Ordinary Time in order to remember and celebrate Jesus’s entire life.