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Why Discern God’s Will?

At some point or other, everyone needs to make big decisions. Whether it’s buying a house, having another child, buying a car, or taking a big family vacation, life at times demands an overwhelming choice. Oftentimes, the options for said decision aren’t even clear. How does one come to a decision, and more importantly, to peace in that decision, in the face of overwhelming factors? The answer, as usual, is found in Jesus Christ. As humans, we are body-soul composite, meaning that every decision both impacts us now and eternally. It is thus necessary for us not only to make a decision based on our natural logic, but also to make that decision based on much prayer. In other words, in order to effectively and maturely make a good decision, we must both make the list of a decision’s pros and cons, but also bring that list to God in prayer and ask for his guidance. Good prayerful discernment relies on the virtue of Hope, because Hope is the virtue which orders us towards our eternal destiny (Heaven). In making a big life decision, we must always ask ourselves, “How will this bring me closer to Jesus Christ and to Heaven?”