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Why should I guard against burn out?

Too common are volunteers in churches across the nation tired and resentful. Perhaps they are tired because their service has become disconnected from their relationship with Jesus. Perhaps they are resentful because many church activities are organized and run by only 5% of its community, and these generous souls suddenly feel the pressure and burden to do everything. Perhaps Christians are hesitant to say yes to a service opportunity because they fear they will be asked to do things beyond what they initially agreed to. We can be sure that if Christians aren’t serving with joy, passion, and within healthy boundaries, it is only a matter of time before they burn out. The good news is that God has given each one of us spiritual gifts that are personal and particular. St. Paul tells us that there are a variety of gifts, but all from the same Holy Spirit. These spiritual gifts, or charisms, are given to each one of us so that we can play our part in the Body of Christ, the Church (1 Cor 12:4-12). If we neglect our spiritual charisms, our service becomes toilsome and burn out is just around the corner. But if our service flows from the grace of the Holy Spirit, our joy and passion come alive as we serve the kingdom of God. We not only become inspired ourselves, but our witness of joyful service becomes an inspiration for others to have a renewed encounter with Jesus. Imagine if our entire community knew its particular charisms and used them to serve with joy. We would no longer have to worry about tired, resentful burn out. If you’d like to discover your personal and particular charism, join us for a Gift Assessment Retreat on June 1st from 9am-1pm. Childcare and food will be provided. Register online at