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Why should I celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is not only an opportunity to show your mom how grateful you are for her love and care, but a day to recognize the fact that we are not the source of our own existence. Every single one of us has a mother – another person who carried us in her womb for nine months before we were revealed to the rest of the world. Whether you were raised by your biological mother, step-mother, or adopted mother, almost all of us can acknowledge that we have learned how to love from a motherly figure in our life. Without this unique love from a mother, many of us would not be the people we are today. In a similar way, Christians have a heavenly mother who loves and nurtures us in a way like no other. Just as Jesus Christ shares his heavenly Father with us, he also shares his heavenly mother with us (John 19:27), so that we would each experience personally the divine love of his family. Each year on the second Sunday of May, we honor all mothers. The beauty of motherhood is that mothers love us not based on what we have accomplished, but for who we truly are. They love us despite our imperfections. And although our mothers, too, are imperfect – we love them because they loved us first. We should celebrate Mother’s Day because gratitude is the most appropriate response to God’s abundant generosity. The relationship between a mother and child is an extraordinary gift from God whose value cannot be measured. Don’t miss this opportunity: tell your mom today that you love her. And tell your heavenly mother, too. Happy Mother’s Day.“