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Why are the statues covered in the church?

You may have noticed that the statues inside the church have been covered with purple linens. Isn’t it odd that we would cover sacred images during the most sacred time of the year? The Church recommends this historical practice as a way to create a longing in our hearts for Easter Sunday. We veil the sacred images so that we can better focus all of our attention on Holy Week, when Jesus veiled His glory during His passion and death. These veils serve as a forceful reminder for us to prepare for the promise of Easter. As all sacred images are veiled from the fifth Sunday of Lent until the Easter Vigil, we are challenged to concentrate on the words that we hear during Mass, rather than on the images seen. This helps us to focus on the passion narrative of Jesus, different parts of which will be read on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday. These veils are only temporary and serve only as a means to produce a heightened sense of anticipation for Christ’s resurrection. We live in a veiled world and can only see a glimpse of the glory of heaven; but by His death on the cross, Jesus Christ has lifted this veil and invites us to share in His glory forever. Next time you gaze upon one of the veiled statues, ask Jesus to increase in your heart the desire for His glory.