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Why do we kiss a wooden cross on Good Friday?

At 3pm on Good Friday, Christians all around the world go to church to kiss a wooden cross. Jesus died on Good Friday and we imagine that we are actually present on the scene observing with sorrow and distress the horror of his death. But why would we want to do this? For the same reason we pay money to watch a movie that has a suspenseful plotline: to experience the joy of an incredible ending. Yet, this is more than a fictional movie. Good Friday is reality. Just as Jesus is present with us at every moment of our lives, he has invited us to actually share in the specific moments of his life, as if we are truly present. As we imagine that we are standing at the foot of the cross with his Mother and St. John, we actually feel the weight of our sins. But we look upon the cross with great hope because we recognize that Christ died so that we may have life. He paid the price for us because we were too far in debt. And we each come up the aisle, one by one, to venerate the cross as a sign of gratitude for this unfathomable love. We either kiss the cross, or reverently place our hand upon it, not because we worship a wooden object, but because we are praying with our imagination. We act as if we are standing on Mount Calvary – looking at Jesus as he looks at us. Words are not spoken because the moment is too intense, but love is overflowing from his pierced side into our hearts. I would like to personally invite you to join us for our Good Friday service at 3pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to feel the Father’s love for you. Imagine how much more meaningful Easter would be this year if we truly entered into the story of Good Friday.