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Why are we doing another preaching series?

In an attempt to become better stewards of our resources of time, talent, and treasure, we have been evaluating everything we do at Sacred Heart according to our fundamental mission: to encounter Jesus and become missionary disciples. We no longer want to invest time and energy in random places, albeit good places. We want everything we do to be strategic and intentional in helping everyone who comes through our doors to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to own their fundamental calling as baptized Christians to become a missionary disciple (Matt 28:19-20). We have learned that an essential part of this process is clarity in communication. The larger the audience, the more important it becomes to explain why we are doing what we are doing. Our primary goal this year is to clearly communicate to everyone in the parish our fundamental why. In our Reboot preaching series in October, we set the stage for this by offering a wake-up call: the status quo of parish life is no longer sufficient to sustain a healthy church community. Over the past few months, we have been reading through Divine Renovation together, a book written by a priest who is currently transforming the culture of his Catholic church parish from being maintenance-oriented to mission-minded. In this 2nd part of Reboot, we desire one thing: to provide clarity. Clarity on our mission at Sacred Heart, clarity on our strategy to fulfill this mission, and clarity on the fundamental why behind every other why at Sacred Heart. No more confusion. Our hope is that we are absolutely clear by the end of this series how any person who comes to Sacred Heart can encounter Jesus and become a missionary disciple.