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Wonder Why?

The season of Lent is right around the corner and many are beginning to consider what they should “do” for Lent. Some will give up sweets, others will give up Cokes, and some may even consider volunteering. While it is a praiseworthy practice to make some kind of sacrifice during Lent, we must be on guard that our Lenten practice is not in vain. We do not give up stuff just to follow an outdated Catholic rule, nor do we sacrifice just to make ourselves look particularly disciplined and strong-willed. We make a sacrifice in order to grow in our relationship with Jesus – the one who made the ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of the world. If our sacrifices are not connected with His, then we sacrifice in vain (Rom 8:16-18). And there is no better way to unite our sacrifices to those of Christ than to participate in Mass. Why not come to Mass during the week this Lent? Why not unite your sacrifices to Christ’s more than on Sunday? Some may not realize that we actually celebrate Mass every day of the week throughout the year at 8:30am. To make this opportunity more available for working parishioners, we are offering a second time to come to daily Mass: 6:30am. This means that, starting on March 7, we will have two daily Masses for the 6 weeks of Lent: 6:30am and 8:30am - Monday through Friday. For those who are unable to join us at the 8:30am Mass due to work, we invite you to join us at the 6:30am Mass. For those who do not work during customary hours, feel free to sleep in a bit and join us at the 8:30am Mass. Jesus has much in store for you this Lenten season. Whatever you decide to do as a Lenten practice, why not enhance it by attending Mass during the week?