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Nearsighted Vision

There is a comedian I’m fond of listening to named Brian Regan.  He has a piece on visiting the eye doctor for an exam.  In thinking about getting new prescriptions, he laughs and says “How can instantly improved vision not be at the top of your to-do list?” This one-liner reminds me of how quickly I can forget that my vision may not always be clear or focused.  However, because it’s the only vision I have, I accept it as true.  It isn’t until someone offers me a different vision, do I notice how out of focus or blurry my vision was.  

Sunday is a day where we rest and have God offer us His vision for our lives and the world.  It’s a day where we rest and consider His care and love for us who are His possession.  It’s a day where the greatness of God’s vision puts our everyday struggles, wants and needs into perspective.  Without this Divine vision, we can settle for our own limited, small and narrow vision that often only sees what is immediate and temporary.  This vision grasps for what will satisfy me today but not tomorrow.  Our own vision often leads to bad decisions because it sacrifices long-term consequences for short-term rewards.  This has eternal ramifications.  

We need God’s vision.  We need Sunday.  We need a day to rest from working to provide temporary things to reflect on eternal things that endure forever.  Our parish is taking a proactive step in this regard by moving our Faith Formation classes to Sunday.  The goal is to provide our children with opportunities to talk about and hear God’s vision for their life here on earth and in heaven.  Our scheduling also provides a convenient opportunity to participate in Mass and worship of God who offers us life and peace that the world cannot give.  Please join me in our attempt to give back to God what rightfully belongs to Him: our eyes, our heart and His day.

Fr. Michael Delcambre