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Sometimes we just get in a rut.  Whether it’s what life deals us or a detour from our initial plan, we just feel disconnected from God and anything significant in our life. In our spiritual malaise, we forget what’s possible. We get so caught up in coping that we don’t remember what it’s like to be free and joyful.  What’s even more painful is that we subtly begin to accept this as normal and are resigned to live a life of coping.  
If I’m resigned, I’m not only bound by sin; I’m bound by my will.  The coping deeply embedded in the resignation prevents me from asking for and receiving from Jesus, who is the only source of rescue and consolation.  A life of resignation is a life of grasping at things that will only superficially satisfy me for brief amounts of time and beg me to grasp at them over and over again to drown out the ache in my heart of not being fulfilled or satisfied.  This week we want to look deeply at any area in our life where we are resigned to trust in ourselves and say, “This is the best it gets.”  Have we given up on the power of Jesus to overcome anything?

Fr. Michael Delcambre