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Take the Next Step

We are no doubt on an adventure here at Sacred Heart. Our quest to encounter Jesus and become Missionary Disciples has the power to direct our lives in ways that we may not fully realize. The unknowing of the journey can definitely be a bit frightening at times. The joy of the journey is that we aren’t alone on the adventure.
As we start another semester of the Alpha Course here at the parish, we are beginning to see some subtle but beautiful changes. People who have experienced Alpha have found a renewed sense of love and devotion to their faith as well as a desire to share their faith with others. We have done our best to share these stories with you here in the bulletin and the digital realm. Perhaps you have even spoken with a parishioner who has experienced Alpha. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to seek one out and ask questions.
You see it’s not too late to join! We are still accepting registration for the next two weeks. You haven’t missed your opportunity to hop aboard the train. Sign up for Alpha today or at the bare minimum contact the parish office if you have questions. Alpha is low-pressure and it has been an excellent source of joy for those who have dared to journey past their front door. The beauty is that you will be on this journey with people just like you. As you get to know them, you will each have an opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus and each other.
Why not take the next step in faith? You have a God who loves you and a faithful community praying for and supporting you. We can make it farther together than we can alone.

Paul Hood