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What Alpha Has Meant to our Parishioners

Alpha was a way to connect with parishioners with whom I have been going to church for years. My group turned from acquaintances to meaningful relationships. We were able to share our thoughts and feelings openly without judgment. We had the opportunity to share how we witness our faith which helped encourage each other to be open to new things in our faith journeys. I love the sense of community that Alpha gave me!
Hosting was fun and super easy. Hosting brought so much more than I ever anticipated. It brought a lot of laughter and joy that carried over into our home with our family. Someone in our group said, “We have all gained years to our life from the love and laughter we shared.” Alpha was a way to connect with people that would not have gotten together otherwise. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities Alpha brought to my life and for my newfound brothers and sisters in Christ!

Darleen Corcoran