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Thank you is sometimes a hard word to speak.  It takes humility.  It takes a recognizing that there was a gift given, not because one had to but because one chose to give the gift.  In our fast- paced world, we can have a tendency to not even notice the gift of people’s time or gesture of kindness.  We can live with a subtle expectation or entitlement that people are just supposed to do what they have always done.  How greater this concept is when it comes to God.  Everything is a gift given by God.  From the earth we live on to the air we breathe, our entire life is lived in the context of blessing and God’s care.  This weekend, we look at our awareness and choice to be grateful.  Do we notice God’s hand in everything, and furthermore do we show concrete expressions of gratitude?  To give anything less than gratitude is to live as if we take God for granted and are owed what we have.  Not only is this wrong, but it runs the risk of resisting God.  Gratitude is the only fitting response to God for a life that is completely a gift to us.

Fr. Michael Delcambre