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My Time with Alpha

Last May, I was finishing my first year of teaching, preparing for marriage, I committed to hosting an Alpha group for young engaged and married couples. My now husband, Josh, and I invited a hodgepodge of friends, acquaintances, and strangers into our home, and it has changed our lives. When Alpha was first introduced to the parish, I thought it would be like the Bible studies I had done in college: we eat, we pray, we read/watch the content, we talk, and we go home. The end. I was very wrong. While Alpha only lasts 11 weeks, the bond that it creates lasts much longer. My group met from May until September. In that time, we were able to witness one of the couples in our Alpha get engaged, they were able to witness our marriage, and we announced our pregnancy, but Alpha didn’t end there for us.
We have created a friendship with these people that lends itself to a community which needs interaction to survive. Since Alpha began, we have seen two of the couples in our group get married, we have all purchased houses, and one of us graduated college. We’ve all been there for those moments: from bridal and couple showers to weddings, to housewarmings, to getting pizza because it has been a long week and we miss each other. We are there for big and small moments. One of our group members described this friendship as “something that we have all wanted, but didn’t know how to get.” We have all grown to love each other and there are more exciting moments to come. We are anticipating another wedding and graduation, as well, as the birth of our baby mentioned earlier, however one of the events we are most excited for is this year’s Easter Vigil where one of our group members will receive his sacraments and join the Catholic faith! That’s what Alpha has done for us. It has helped us to establish a community, in our church parish, of people who support one another in the big and small moments, who celebrate with one another, mourn with each other and are continually rooting for one another. Alpha was not like the Bible studies I did in college; it’s something all its own. I’m so glad that I was introduced to Alpha and that I had the opportunity to invite friends and strangers into my home because now they’re not just friends and strangers. They have become family.

Olivia Laborde