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Why the Christmas wreaths?

You may have noticed that a number of our Christmas decorations are new this year. Sacred Heart has long been blessed with much artistic talent in the parish. We are so grateful for all those who have helped decorate the church in years past. This year, we are very excited to have a hospitality committee made up of parishioners willing to decorate for church seasons, like Christmas and Easter, as well as for parish events, like Backyard BBQs and Encounter Nights. We are very excited about this new ministry in our parish and are proud to acknowledge their very first project: Christmas decorations. Notice in particular the wreaths hanging in the middle aisle of the pews and in the narthex. There is great Christian symbolism behind the Christmas wreath. The circular wreath is a representation of the crown of thorns worn by Christ at his passion. The evergreen branches represent eternal life. Therefore, when Christians hang wreaths on their doors at Christmas time, it is an invitation for Christ to come into their home. The hospitality committee has made a great choice to include wreaths in our décor to symbolize our invitation for Christ to come into our parish home this Christmas. The wreaths in the narthex are in sets of three to symbolize the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The committee has also chosen to strategically place all Christmas flowers around the altar in such a way that highlights the altar and tabernacle, keeping our focus and attention on Christ. Special thanks to all those who have helped with Christmas decorations this year, as well as in the past.