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Reboot: Report | What's Happening

We begin our preaching series with a wake-up call. It’s no secret that there is a growing number of people who no longer practice their Catholic faith. Similar to a slow computer, our current mode of operation is simply not sufficing. 

Although the statistics can be daunting, we mustn’t be discouraged. Rather, we should be inspired to look honestly at the situation before us and discern God’s will on how best to respond. The Lord has called each of us to participate in His mission to be holy and to share the good news. Over the next few weeks, we will be challenged to face reality and to discern the best way to move forward as a parish community. I encourage each of you to get the conversation started at home this week. Discuss these questions with your family and friends: What is our current situation? How did we get here? What should we do about it?

Fr. Kyle White