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Couch Missionary

At this point, many of you have decided to jump into Discipleship Groups. We have launched this endeavor full scale at the parish, and we believe in their ability to transform our already beautiful parish into a community of passionate missionary-minded disciples. As we begin with Alpha and look down the road into the Parish Life Cycle, there is a growing sense of joy but also an increasing sense of purpose.

The church has referred to the family unit as the “domestic church.” Our homes can (and should be) extensions of the greater mission of the parish: Encountering Jesus, Becoming Missionary Disciples.

What if you could be a missionary from your couch? What if our homes became an extension of the mission of the parish? Discipleship Groups are a great way to begin this process. Have you considered hosting a Discipleship Group in your home? Running an Alpha group from your home is easy, it’s rewarding, and it lines up with our communities’ vision. We will help provide you with all the training you need and continue to give you resources long after the Alpha course is over. For most of us, our homes are already places of evangelization where we share our faith with our children, grandchildren, and extended family members. We can carry on this mission by welcoming others into our homes and sharing our faith with them.

Paul Hood