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The Bigger Picture

So by now, you are faced with the lingering question of joining a Discipleship Group. For the first two weeks, we have laid out what these groups can do for you in your journey with Christ. The struggle with fitting them into your schedule is real. Time is not something we seem to have in great abundance. However, the effects these groups can have on us individually has proven to be undeniable. 

What if there was another positive outcome of Discipleship Groups? What if there is more? What if our parish could be more? Imagine if our entire parish participated in discipleship groups what this place and our community could be, how it could look, and feel. The benefits individually would be a deeper sense of knowing ourselves and feeling grounded. But what about our community? 

Our discussions about becoming Disciples and the Parish Life Cycle have given us a direction not just for our own individual lives, but for Sacred Heart as a parish. Discipleship Groups are an important piece of the process of becoming disciples. People are drawn to places that are loving, welcoming, and supportive. We cannot give what we don’t have. If we become rooted in our faith and in a relationship with another, we are better equipped to bring that life to others! The way we live our lives gives others permission to live the life that Jesus has for them. If they see it in our lives they will want what we have. A true definition of a church parish is a group of believers on the same journey. Discipleship groups ensure that we are on this journey together.

Who doesn’t want a healthy, vibrant and holy Sacred Heart? Let’s continue to become what Jesus has made us to be!

Paul Hood