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How does a discipleship group help me?

So if, at this point, you are intrigued by the prospect of joining a Discipleship Group, you are probably asking some questions. What’s in it for me? What am I going to get out of it? What’s it going to cost me? The short answer is that it won’t cost you anything! Discipleship Groups, by design, will strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Our faith lives aren’t meant to be lived in a bubble. We are created to be in a relationship with God and with others. If we could become who God made us to be on our own, without anyone else’s assistance then why aren’t we there? We cannot do it alone. It is within the safety and assurance of a group of like-minded believers that we can become the truest sense of who created us to be. The real cost is that we must learn to be vulnerable with each other. It takes courage to talk about your faith with others. It takes, even more, the courage to share your failures in the spiritual life. When we do take the risk to be vulnerable, we find two things. 

One of these is that others share the same struggles as us and that we are not alone. Discipleship groups give us the understanding that there are others on the journey who can walk with us. We can find ourselves isolated believing that our struggles are our own and that no one else experiences them and that no one can help us. We cannot live this life alone.

The second is that we can find strength in community. Accountability is a major component to spiritual growth. If we are comforted knowing that we are not alone, we also find a new courage in being honest with one another. Sharing our struggles is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. When members come together, they form a bond of trust over time. Psychology proves that we are more likely to hold to our goals and promises if we are in a relationship with someone who is going to hold us to them!

We need each other. Joining a Discipleship Group may cost you some time from your already busy schedule. The most important things in life require some sacrifice. I’ve learned that my small sacrifices tend to reap the greatest reward. We cannot out give The Giver. If we are willing to make space for Discipleship Groups in our lives, can you imagine what we will receive in return?

Paul Hood