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So What’s Next? 
It’s a common question that gets asked around here, and it’s a great one to ask. If you find yourself wondering “what’s next” here at Sacred Heart you are in the middle of what we call the Parish Life Cycle. Remember that thing? 

We’re going to keep talking about it. A lot. We aren’t just going to talk about it though, we’re going to put it into practice. Here’s a brief reminder:

The cornerstone of the Parish Life Cycle is a real and authentic encounter with Jesus. When we say Jesus, we mean the person. Our desire here at the parish is to provide an environment where each of us can have real encounters with Jesus. Between Mass, the Adoration Chaple, Advent, and Lenten Missions, we’re hopeful you’ve have had opportunities to deepen your relationship with Jesus. We are making an effort to make the Mass here a more welcoming and inviting place. We want you to be here with us!

So what’s next?

Be on the lookout for a red question mark! Next month we will be talking about a new endeavor for Sacred Heart Parish. Alpha is a small group based program that allows people to come together in a safe and open environment to discuss their faith. Alpha is meant to be run in living rooms, coffee shops, and here at the parish. You will begin to see more information about this program in the next few weeks. You will also hear from some parishioners who have tested the program and they have a lot to say about it! Alpha will be open to everyone in the parish. Stay tuned for more details.

In our desire to continue to provide these encounters we are developing a series of monthly prayer gatherings that follow the same format of our missions. Rather than coming up with a catchy and hip name, we are simply calling them what they are, encounter nights. These will be a great opportunity to come and pray, hear a presentation about living as a missionary disciple, and spend some time in Eucharistic Adoration. These nights are open to everyone at the parish. We will continue to provide childcare to help young families attend.

We hope these events will provide a place for you to encounter Jesus in a new way.

Paul Hood