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Putting the Parishioner First: Business and Operations Report

This monthly report will discuss the ways we are adding value back to our parish by being mindful of how we spend and use facilities.

The entire Sacred Heart of Jesus staff are very mindful of the sacrifices that our parishioners make regarding their time, talent, and treasure, as they give back to God and His church. It is our mission to be good stewards of your gifts and utilize them to improve on the holy and exceptional facilities that we are blessed to live, work and pray in. 

You may have noticed that there are new programmable thermostats throughout the church, cry room and Narthex. All the thermostats are preprogrammed with the same schedule for time and temperature. When it comes to programmable thermostats, technology is our friend, allowing us to enjoy a comfortable environment before, during and after Mass. Admittedly, it has taken us a while to get the temperature and time zones dialed in, but I believe we have hit on a good temperature for most of our parishioners. 

In addition to the improved comfort level that programmable thermostats provide, they have also reduced our electricity bill by roughly 15%-20%. This is a significant percentage, considering there are seven programmable thermostats in the church and Narthex. The savings will allow us to put those funds back into our ministires to provide you with more opportunities to have encounters with our Jesus.

Alex Clement