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Leaving Room

I can think back to a time when my desires for my life and the Father’s could not have been more different. I loved the idea that the Lord had great plans for me, but I thought I’d give mine a shot first. If for some reason it didn’t work, I could use His as a backup.  With some time of spiritual growth, I became more aware of the anxiety I was causing in my life.  I felt as though I was trying to run on ice. I desired to love the Father with my whole heart, but I was unable to recognize the fact that I could not completely surrender my will to Him. I became overwhelmed at the realization that I was not going to be able to live a life of peace on my own. Hitting a low, I realized the importance of recognizing the presence of the Holy Spirit.  In those moments of reflection, it became simpler than it appeared to be. The Holy Spirit quickly became for me, the real presence of Jesus in my life. The Holy Spirit isn’t an idea of a dove or a bright flame; it is the entity of the Trinity that began to guide my thoughts and actions. It is the constant recognition that the Father can do real and great things in my life.  

For me, living in full surrender to the Holy Spirit is holding nothing in my life back from Jesus. I found the freedom to be completely vulnerable with Him in prayer because He can hold my heart. I am constantly re-centered and humbled by His abundant mercy. I can see the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, working in my life, especially in ways that I had never seen before. I invite you to pray with me, to open your heart so that Jesus can fully enter in. His promise of peace and mercy, in a life obedient to the Holy Spirit, is something I promise you won’t forget.

Ali Rabalais