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Happy Easter from the Sacred Heart Family

Our prayer intentions for the parish for this Easter season are...

Fr. Michael Delcambre, Pastor
hat the empty tomb may give us hope that there is no sin too great that Jesus cannot conquer.

Fr. Bill Ruskoski, Assoc. Pastor
For the parish to experience the love of Jesus through the resurrection.

Cristy Savoie, Faith formation 1st-6th, Director
For our parish to grow together in God’s mercy and peace, in Jesus the Son’s perfect love and through the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom.

Paul Hood, Evangelization, Director
That the faithful of the Sacred Heart Community can fully embrace the joy of the Easter Season and welcome all of the newly initiated members of the parish.

Alex Clement, Marketing and Comm., Director
That we embrace and live out Jesus’ resurrection in our prayer, thoughts, and actions.

Kimberly Clulee, Records Administrator
For our parish community to be enlightened by the light of the risen Christ, may we bring that light to others, especially those who stand most in need.

Susan Klingman, Bookkeeper
That those who have been received into our Catholic Faith through these Easter sacraments may continue to grow in understanding of the paschal mystery.

Tracy Johnson, Business and Operations, Manager
May the sacrifices that we have endured this Lent, strengthen us on our journey as faithful Christians in the service of the Lord.

Fran Novak, Front Desk, Administrator
May we love one another the way He loves us. May we forgive one another as Heforgives us. May we always keep Him in our hearts as we continue this journey of faith.

Jake Etcheverria , Youth and Young Adult, Coordinator
For the community of Sacred Heart of Jesus to experience the victory of Christ’s resurrection and embrace the free gift of His grace.


Alex Clement