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Return to Nazareth: Encouraging our Fathers

This week we looked at men, Father’s and St. Joseph.  St. Joseph was the foster father of Jesus and significant masculine model for him in his life. Joseph is a model for men in the family who in the hour of danger, “took the child and his mother by night” (Mt 2:14) and brought them to safety. Father’s today are called to model this courage and faith towards their own family, protecting their wife and children from the harm of this world.  They are also to model faith that even though the path ahead is unknown, the one who the husband trust (God) goes before him preparing the way.  This model continually teaches the family to trust in the providential care of God especially in times of trial.

Men are constantly fed lies by our society.  These lies can deceive men away from faithful protective providers to a hesitant second line of defense behind their wife, at best.  Boyish and bachelorhood tendencies can sometimes keep men pursuing the wrong challenge while the family suffers.  Joseph, calls men back to selfless sacrifice so that wives and children may grow up in the security and safety of a protected home. A home that is not only protected by the father but primarily by God, whom the father looks to for guidance. 

Let us pray, through the intercession of St. Joseph, this week for our Fathers.  Let us seek to forgive our earthly fathers if we need, that our hearts may freely receive the Fatherly provision of our Heavenly Father.

Fr. Michael Delcambre