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Return to Nazareth: Practically Speaking

As we wrap up our series on Returning to Nazareth, let’s talk about some practical steps we can take in the home to progress towards nurturing a holy family.  There are countless good intentions that go unfulfilled because of a lack of steps taken.  Joseph and Mary have invited us into their home that fosters trust in God and relying on His providential care.  There was the time in the home for quiet, conversation, and teaching of the Scriptures.  The Holy Family's home in Nazareth was a safe place that allowed Jesus to grow freely to hear His Father’s voice.

What can we do in our homes to allow this to happen?  Let’s take one goal at a time: How can we promote time for silence? Try these ideas: 

1. Fast from electronic devices during moments of the week
2. Put cell phones in a communal space out of eyesight when you get home
3. Put cell phones on airplane mode at the end of the day
4. Be intentional about talking to your kids about their day  
5. Have a “retreat morning” where the whole house for one hour commits to being in their room or outside and not talking to each other (with the intention of talking to God)
6. Have a family night where there is a protected space and time that nothing interferes with family time.

How can we promote a better connection with God? Try these ideas: 
1. Intentionally sit together and pray before meals (as often as possible) 
2. Pray with your children before they go down to sleep
3. Family reading of a devotional each day (like Jesus Calling for Children) 
4. Commit to a family service project
5. Intentionally try to compliment/honor parents and siblings

Your family has their particular needs which have particular solutions.  I would encourage you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where your family can grow and how you can practically plant and water those seeds.  This will take intentional effort, so pray for this grace.  Together, we can cooperate with God’s desire to love and direct our hearts to Himself.

Fr. Michael Delcambre