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Back to Basics: Prayer

Yes, prayer is something we all want to do, but don’t all seem to have time to do.  However, if we want to grow in our faith, we have to be intentional with prayer.  Prayer is when we have a conversation with God.  It looks different for all of us, but what is common to all is that it is essential to growing in relationship with God. Pope Benedict XVI says that prayer is the life breath of the soul.

This weekend we talked about some basics to prayer.  Being honest and communicating directly with God is a start.  Our relationship with God will grow as we learn to share and invite God into our emotions.  Many people dismiss emotions as not important when it comes to God.  However, emotions are a part of our humanity and a deep part of relationship dynamics.  The more we can begin to welcome God into our emotions the more we will see our prayer life come alive.  

Take some time this week to be aware of a prominent emotion surfacing in your heart.  At some point take a chance to share this with God telling him all the details behind this emotion. If you utilize the handout given this week (can be found at, it may give you a roadmap to enter into this conversation more quickly.

Fr. Michael Delcambre