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Back to Basics: Confession

One sure way to grow in our spiritual life is to receive God’s mercy more often. God’s mercy and forgiveness are offered to us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation or as we commonly call it “Confession.”  Many people will say that they can go straight to God with their sins and that is enough.  We can ask “why do I have to go to a priest?”  Perhaps this will help.  The Sacrament not only is a place where we experience God’s forgiveness through grace, but it’s also a place where we experience strengthening and healing in areas of weakness.  Now, I would argue that we can all use this. God’s grace is medicine for our soul.  When we name and expose these areas of weakness and fault in the Sacrament, we allow God’s grace to enter in and heal/strengthen these areas. 

Despite the incredible gift of this Sacrament, we are often not intentional on celebrating this Sacrament.  Whether it’s a lack of availability or lack of priority, we often go months and perhaps years without this gift from Jesus to help us grow and strengthen our resolve against evil. My encouragement would be to celebrate the Sacrament once a month.  Please see the attached handout accessible at that will help you identify areas that need healing and strengthening.  An examination of conscience will help us prepare ourselves to receive Jesus’ healing and strength in areas where we are weak.

Fr. Michael Delcambre