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Back to Basics: Burn the Ships

A definite way to move forward is to stop looking back.  Often in our spiritual life when we encounter resistance we tend to revert to our old comfortable patterns of behavior. We turn back instead of enduring the purification of our heart.  Growing often comes with pains. Sometimes these pains are from sacrifices that are necessary.  Other times it can be from withdrawal effects from our past sinful habits...

Burning our ships is a reference to being intentional on eliminating as much as possible, those habits of behavior that turn us away from God.  These can be the seven deadly sins or some other refuge that is toxic to our holiness.  It’s essential for addicts to clean their house of the things that they are addicted, to stay sober.  In the spiritual life, it's important that we clean house of that which leads us to go backward in our relationship with God.  This week, can you identify the one ship that you routinely turn to for escape or rest when life gets tough.  Can you define a plan to reduce the ease of availability that this escape route has in your life?

Fr. Michael Delcambre