We desire that every parishioner at Sacred Heart be a part of a long-term small faith community. This is how the parish ensures that all parishioners are known individually, supported, and challenged to grow in faith. 


Grow Groups

Grow Groups are small faith communities that continue to journey together after the Alpha experience. Since these groups are designed to be ongoing rather than terminal, they meet less frequently than Alpha. The format for their meetings is similar to Alpha, but with an added dimension of intentional prayer. The content for these gatherings is decided upon by the group with the approval of the Director of Evangelization. 

How do we register for Grow Groups?

Grow Groups are primarily the fruit of an Alpha experience. Strong relationships are formed through Alpha and Grow Groups are a natural way to keep these relationships together. Thus, rather than registering for Grow Groups in a generic way, Alpha groups are simply encouraged to continue meeting in an on-going, less frequent manner. In addition, multiple Alpha groups are welcome to combine in order to create one larger Grow Group. However, instead of watching Alpha videos, the group leader(s) will decide, with the help of the Director of Evangelization, which content would best serve the Grow Group. 

Best Practices:

  1. Grow Groups typically meet once or twice a month in someone’s home, rather than on campus.

  2. Grow Groups have a smoother experience whenever each person has already participated in the Alpha course, which provides a level starting ground and a common experience of encountering Jesus.

  3. Grow Groups usually follow a similar model to Alpha: 30 minutes of food & fellowship, 30 minutes of content, 30 minutes of discussion, and 15-30 minutes of prayer.

  4. In an effort to maintain Catholic identity, any official videos or bible study series must be approved by the Director of Evangelization. Most of our Grow Groups are using one of the following videos series:

Other Long-Term Groups

Other examples of long-term small groups within the parish include Come Lord Jesus, Rosary Groups, and Walking with Purpose. Each of these groups offer unique experiences of the small group dynamic yet remain consistent with our parish mission by providing experiences of hospitality, friendship, formation, and prayer on a long-term basis.

Walking with Purpose is a women’s bible study program designed to create small group communities of women who support one another through prayer and studying scripture. 

We have a number of Come Lord Jesus groups in our parish. These groups meet every week in parishioners’ homes to read, discuss, and pray with the Mass readings for the upcoming weekend.

We also have a number of Rosary Groups who meet every week to pray the rosary for specific intentions. Some of these groups meet in the homes of parishioners, while others meet in the church at specific times. 


Fr. Kyle White
Associate Pastor
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