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Choosing to Choose

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Fr. Michael Delcambre

Fr. Michael Delcambre


 Many of us had a great Lent and enjoyed the fruit of our penances.  We chose to stay away from less than helpful things or habits in our life and replaced them with healthy alternatives.  With direction, focus, and intentionality our Lent was blessed and fruitful.  What we did was give God the space to move and work.  We invited Him in.  Now we find ourselves after Lent and perhaps falling into the old habits we moved away from.  Why is this?  

Come join in the conversation as we talk about how we have to "Choose to Choose" "Something Greater."  Wanting a relationship with God and a full life is not enough.  We have to take concrete steps in our life to choose a path and direction.  Intention only gets you so far. Over the next five weeks, we will talk about how we can practically choose to remain in relationship with Jesus in our daily life.

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