Sacred Heart of Jesus

Baby Shower Items

Diapers (sizes preemie, newborn, 1, 4 and 5)             Newborn clothes (boy)

Baby Wipes                                                                 Bibs

Baby Powder                                                              Newborn socks

Baby Lotion                                                                Toddler socks

Baby Wash                                                                  Onsies

Baby Shampoo                                                            Hats

Baby Bottles (Capped and Packaged)                        Infant Car Seats

Diaper Rash Cream                                                     Bassinet

Receiving Blankets                                                     Pack N Play

Diaper Bags                                                                Rock N Play

Pacifiers (Packaged)                                                   Boppy Pillows                                    

Baby Cereal                                                                Baby hygiene items

Formula                                                                       Feminine hygiene products