Sacred Heart of Jesus

1st Reconciliation/1st Communion Preparation Courses

1st Reconciliation/1st Communion Preparation Courses

What is it? 

Sacrament Prep is for ALL 2nd grade students whose parents are parishioners at Sacred Heart. This includes St. Cecilia students, public school students, non-Catholic private school students, and other Catholic school students.  

What is the goal of sacrament prep? 

We hope to provide meaningful opportunities for students and their families to grow in understanding of the sacraments while preparing to receive God’s mercy in Reconciliation and Jesus’ full loving presence in the Eucharist for the very first time. 

How do we plan to do this? 

ALL 2nd grade candidates will participate in Blessed, a program created by Dynamic Catholic. Students and a confirmed adult (parent, godparent, grandparent, aunt, uncle) will attend sessions weekly for six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring. This time will consist of a lesson from the Blessed book, videos and discussion. These sessions will be on Sundays from 3:30-4:45 p.m. A confirmed adult must stay with the candidate for the duration of the session.  

Why does someone have to attend with my child? 

It is important for our candidates to have support from their Domestic Church (the Church at home, the first teachers of the faith) during this preparation process. Research has shown that children tend to follow the faith habits of their caregivers. If faith is important to their caregiver, it becomes important to them. If it is an inconvenience to their caregiver, it becomes inconvenient to them. As parents we do everything we can to maintain the physical health of our children. As guardians of their souls, we must nourish and nurture their souls just as much, even more! 


Sacrament Dates: 1st Reconciliation: Novemeber 3; 1st Communion May 11

Class Dates: Sept: 16 (information meeting), 23, 30; Oct: 7, 14, 21, 28 Nov: 3 (First Reconciliation); January 13 (information meeting), 27; Feb. 10, 24; March 10, 24; April 7, 28(first communion practice); May 5(first communion practice)